Linux operating system and softwares to watch movies on Linux operating system.

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

Linux is one of the most popular versions of UNIX Operating system for various reasons. Advantages of using Linux is that its source code is easily available. Its features and functionality list is quite similar to that of UNIX. From supercomputers to cars, the Linux operating system is present almost everywhere.

Some of the benefits of using the Linux Operating system are that it is portable, reliable, great for Multi programming, Open Source, Multi-user, offers Hierarchical File system and most importantly- it provides user security.

If you are a movie freak and love watching movies online with Hulu Android app, then we have a great list of Linux video Players for you:

MPV- It is a recently launched video player which is gaining popularity day by day. It is a must have video player and will help you watch movies without distraction. Easy to use, this video player is perfect to add more quality and clarity to the videos. If you love MPlayer then you will like this one even more, as it comes with better functionality and additional features.

mpv symbol

Videos- GNOME Videos definitely deserves the place in the list of Best Linux Software. It is the default video player which integrates really well with Nautilus like GNOME software. It plays almost any format with much ease. It has built-in YouTube Search that allows you to search and play numerous YouTube videos.

Miro- Miro is more than a Video Player. Apart from watching movies and videos, this app also provides you access to Hulu, Rss, YouTube, TED Talks and many others. It also gives an amazing feature of converting videos within its GUI. This Video player provides you great stability and zero distraction.

Audience and VLC are some of the known Linux Video players to help you watch movies online. I am sure these video players will add even more fun to your movie watching experience.

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